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The following resources may be of interest to members of the Group.

Our Group maintains an online presence in a variety of ways. Find Links to some of them here.
Do you have some photos of a recent (or not so recent!) Scout event, that you would like to share? 
Or would you like to see what other photos have been added? Each Section has a Photo Share Drive.
Most have restricted access. If you believe you should have access, please Update your Contact Details so your address can be added.

Joey Links (access is restricted to Joey Section Parents)
Add some photos to the Joey Photo Drive.
Joey Resources Site.
Joey documents to download.

Cub Links (access is restricted to Cub Section Parents)
Add some photos to the Cub Photo Drive.
Cub documents to download.

Scout Links (access is restricted to Scout Section)
Add some photos to the Scout Photo Drive. (Parent Access only)
Scout documents to download. (Parent Access only)
Evidence for Scout Badgework can be submitted here (by Scout Youth).

Venturer Links (access is restricted to Venturer Section)
Add some photos to the Venturer Photo Drive. (Venturer Section parents and youth)
Venturer documents to download.

Rover Links (access is restricted to Rover Section)
Add some photos to the Rover Photo Drive. (Rover Section)
Rover documents to download.

Group Links (all current members of the Group should have access)
Add some photos to the Group Photo Drive.
In addition, a number of past members have passed on photos to us which can be seen in the View Only Group Drive.

Other useful locations include:
Boating Courses. (Current participants in Boating training, members of Sea Scout Council)
Committee Drive. (Group Support Committee)
Fleet Drive. (Fleet Committee)
Maintenance Log spreadsheet. Maintenance Task form (for adding tasks). (Fleet Committee)
Groupmail access. (Committee and Leader access only)

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