Online Presence and Tools

Google classroom: Joeys, Cubs, and Scouts have an operational Classroom, ask your Section Leader for details.

Jitsi: The video conferencing tool the Group is using. We have set up a dedicated Jitsi server. Details will be distributed whenever virtual meetings are scheduled.

Email: Reliable communication with our members is essential. Obviously email will be the primary pathway so if your preferred email details have changed, please update us. In addition, if you have a child in Scouts or Venturers who has an email address, they might like to pass it on to their Section Leader, so they can be added to the Section contact list, themselves.

Facebook: We maintain a public facebook page; you can follow, and a closed facebook group; that parents can join (please do be sure to complete the questions when you ask to join, we do check those details against our list of members!) This is a good place to share photos of Scouting activities:-)

Instagram: You might like to follow us on Instagram.

And finally, this is a good time to remind you that we’d appreciate all families completing the Family Involvement Form. if you haven’t already done so (or if your interests have changed:-) ). We anticipate that a number of our youth members may take advantage of this time of social distancing to work on some different badges, so we may be needing to find parents who are knowledgeable in some unexpected areas—and the Family Involvement Form helps us with that:-)

Pelican Point Sea Scout Group | (08) 9386 4396 | End Australia II Dr, Crawley 6008, Western Australia