Site Hire

Our headquarters, set on several acres of riverfront land in Crawley, are available for hire when not in use for our youth activities. Events held at Pelican Point must be associated with either a full or fellowship scouting member. Bookings and events will be subject to committee approval.


  • Site use includes the use of the grounds, upper deck, galley and toilets. Tables and chairs are available on request.
  • The site can comfortably accommodate 120 people. Events for greater numbers will need additional equipment such as portaloos to be provided by the user at their own expense.
  • The site must be left in good, clean condition. Equipment must be returned to its proper place. All rubbish must be placed in bins.


A financial contribution as suggested below must be made to cover costs associated with site use. Voluntary amounts in excess of the suggestions will be much appreciated and will be used to improve the site. Payment should be made at least one week in advance of the event in either of the following ways.

1.  By electronic funds transfer to the following account:
      BSB 036 073 Account No 317900

Please ensure you indicate name or event when you make the deposit.

2. By cheque posted to Pelican Point Sea Scouts PO Box 46
Nedlands 6009.

Please ensure you write your name or event on the back of the cheque.




Day events or evening functions

Scout members

$5 per person per day

Fellowship members

$250 for up to 25 people

$10 per additional person

Function set up/clean up days

Fellowship members

$500 per day

Overnight events

Scout members

$8 per person per night

Fellowship members

$10 per person per night

Short sessions

Scout, Fellowship members, Leaders & Community groups

$20 per hour

Commercial Wedding ceremonies

$50 per hour