Sea Scouting on the Swan for over a century

Who are we?

The Pelican Point Sea Scout Group is located at the end of Australia II Drive, next to the University of Western Australia, Crawley, Western Australia. Formerly known as the 1st W.A. Troop Sea Scouts, the group has been in continuous operation since 1913 and over that period has helped shape the lives of thousands of young people.

Camp Cornwell, the group’s headquarters offers beach access to the majestic Swan River, with great views to the City. In support of our youth programme, the group operates and maintains a sizeable fleet of boats ranging from rowing tenders and specialised sail training dinghies through cruising yachts and motor launches.

The (virtual) Blue Peter is flying at last

A signal telling crew members to return to the ship because the voyage is about to begin. At Pelican Point we will be embarking on a return to pre-Covid Scouting as quickly and safely as possible.

Before we do, we want to sincerely thank all members, families and leaders who have participated and assisted with our online Scouting efforts, or who have helped to care for Pelican Point—the grounds, the fleet, the finances, the admin etc etc during the close down period.

So how are we proceeding? Here’s how!

We know the rules; we will be abiding by the gazetted government and Scouts WA regulations.
We have measured the spaces and the sections can be accommodated in their normal locations. Several leaders have completed the infection control training recommended by Scouts WA.

Site restrictions
Until the end of Term 2 the following areas will be out of bounds to all youth members, families and visitors:
Patrol dens.
Galley: NB there will be no galley service for the rest of Term 2.
Showers. (Toilets will be available, but there will be limits on access.)

Meetings and Attendance
Section leaders will advise the date and time that regular meetings will resume via the usual method.
Leaders of each section will keep a record of attendance each session (this is a regular procedure in any case).

Unwell youth members or family
Under no circumstances should anyone who is unwell, or who appears to be unwell, come onto the site. Until the end of Term 2 we ask that you exercise extraordinary caution and keep your child home if they are unwell. Additionally, it is best if children stay home if there is sickness in the family or household. We want to avoid spreading infection of any sort so that we can keep the group functioning.

Drop off and pick up
Where possible with scouts and venturers, please  refrain from getting out of your car. With younger children please use the extensive lawn areas to wait and refrain from gathering in clusters outside the Lower Deck or the Upper Deck. We really value the social aspect of being involved at Pelican Point but for the time being we need to minimise contact.

Building a culture of care and respect
Leaders will be actively encouraging Scouts to keep their distance, wash and sanitise hands regularly, cover coughs and use tissues. Everyone should bring and use a personal water bottle. Hand sanitisers will be stationed at every doorway, for use before entry, including the toilets.
We will support each other by advising of any health issues and staying away if need be.

Staying alert and flexible
If conditions or advice changes, we will make changes to suit. Please check the messages from your section so if a meeting needs to be cancelled you will be aware beforehand. Leaders are working on building up resources for online or virtual scouting so if we need to, we can continue in different circumstances.

Should the weather conditions look wet or otherwise unsuitable for outdoor activity please check your email prior to driving down to Pelican Point in case we have cancelled the meeting- we need to be able to programme outside activities so as to manage our physical distancing. Should leaders be unwell and we cant supply enough leaders on site we may also have to send out a late cancellation email, sorry for the undoubted inconvenience but we best follow our own advice and not attend

Additional cleaning and wiping of surfaces will need to be implemented. Leaders really need support with this task and we ask for volunteer parents to assist. It should only take 15-20 minutes if a couple of parents participate. The key times are as follows:
Friday night at 9.15pm
Saturday afternoon at 2.30pm
Equipment and a list of focus areas will be supplied. If you can assist please email to [email protected]

See you soon
The leaders are really looking forward to resuming regular scouting – the team is keen, the kids are great, our site is fantastic, scouting is fun—what more could we want?

(We will continue to maintain a the online systems we have set up over the Covid period, in addition to our existing ones. Many of these are useful in any case, and it means we are ready to use them again should it become necessary.)

Youth Sections

The Group offers all sections of scouting, catering for children from an age of 6 years through to young adults at 26 years with a particular focus on marine activities:

Joey Scouts: 6-7yrs
Cub Scouts: 8-10yrs
Scouts: 11-14yrs
Venturer Scouts: 15-17yrs
Rover Scouts: 18-26yrs

Volunteering and Donations

Our youth programme is supported by a dedicated team of volunteers from a diverse range of backgrounds and financial donations from members of the local community. We’re always on the lookout for more volunteers—if you’re interested in contributing either in person or financially then see here.