Sea Scouting on the Swan for over a century

Who are we?

The Pelican Point Sea Scout Group is located at the end of Australia II Drive, next to the University of Western Australia, Crawley, Western Australia. Formerly known as the 1st W.A. Troop Sea Scouts, the group has been in continuous operation since 1913 and over that period has helped shape the lives of hundreds of young people.

The group’s headquarters offer beach access to the majestic Swan River, with great views to the City. In support of our youth programme, the group operates and maintains a sizeable fleet of boats ranging from rowing tenders and specialised sail training dinghies through cruising yachts and motor launches.

Youth Sections

The Group offers all sections of scouting, catering for children from an age of 6 years through to young adults at 26 years with a particular focus on marine activities:

Joey Scouts: 6-7yrs
Cub Scouts: 8-10yrs
Scouts: 11-14yrs
Venturer Scouts: 15-17yrs
Rover Scouts: 18-26yrs

Volunteering and Donations

Our youth programme is supported by a dedicated team of volunteers from a diverse range of backgrounds and financial donations from members of the local community. We’re always on the lookout for more volunteers – if you’re interested in contributing either in person or financially then see here.

Pelican Point Sea Scout Group | (08) 9386 4396 | End Australia II Dr, Crawley 6008, Western Australia